BCA investigating fatal shooting incident involving law enforcement in Isanti County


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    The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says it's investigating a fatal shooting incident Sunday afternoon involving law enforcement in Isanti County.

    Officials say two male suspects fled a vehicle after a pursuit and shots were fired. Police say an Anoka Police Department K-9 was shot and one of the suspects was shot and killed. Police say the second suspect was taken into custody with no injuries. At least one gun was recovered at the scene.


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    1. Lucky Dog

      I am so happy one of the carjackers is dead happy happy happy

    2. Lucky Dog

      Anyone that does carjackings are home invasions far as I'm concerned should get shot on sight they don't even get a trial

    3. BKK

      Happy to hear one suspect is dead.

    4. billybodybuilder

      Good work officers , hope K9 makes full recovery.