BCA investigating shooting incident involving law enforcement in Isanti County


6 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says it's investigating a shooting incident Sunday afternoon involving law enforcement in Isanti County.

    Due to a heavy police presence, Highway 65 is closed in both directions between Highway 107 and Andree Drive Northeast near Braham, Minnesota.


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    1. SoundWave 6

      I hope Everybody and the dog is ok💜that's a nice Hat 😁

    2. BKK

      Boycott Kohls for pulling My Pillow products

      1. Roland Deschain

        Man, you guys really love Cancel Culture.

      2. Bridget Engle

        Picture of bow legged Amy Klobuchar in a suit with the headline “The devil wears Kohl’s”.. NEVER SHOP THERE!!!!

      3. BKK

        @John Campaniello also, Bed Bath & Beyond if you shop there. They pulled My Pillows for his support of Trump. Please boycott.

      4. John Campaniello

        Thank U for the head up one good boycott deserves another 😎

    3. BKK

      BLM = Bravo Lives matter. Hope he makes a full recovery. Poor dog

    4. HubYT


    5. yogi yogi

      is thier mandatory sentencing for shooting a canine? the dog is a govt employee

      1. Brandon Pomerleau

        It's a terrorist dog. Not human. No cop is a good cop. Just NAZI COPS MURDERING AGAIN.

    6. Ken actOFkindness

      so sad , praying all officers safe amen

    7. JABIE780

      Kohl’s, but close.

    8. Novah Vue

      Is that isanti county sheriff k9 is dead when someone shoot the k9

      1. BKK

        No, Bravo had surgery and is doing well.

    9. Toast 2 Go

      Can’t wait for civil war to breakout! It’s gonna happen! All democrats and environmentalists and liberals need to be taken out first

    10. Roland Deschain

      Let me guess, a Man. It's always a man.

      1. Roland Deschain

        @BKK Why bother playing dumb when you do it so well naturally?

      2. BKK

        @Roland Deschain why are you bringing race into this? I didn't say anything about it

      3. Roland Deschain

        @BKK It was white guys you dolt. Race doesn't matter, but you can bet that the criminal is a man.

      4. BKK

        You're finally catching on. But, actually it was 2 men 🧒🏿🧒🏿

    11. leakyjeep5.9

      Not even safe at Menards.

    12. Nevertrustalawyer

      Can’t wait to see what race the suspect is? Any guesses?

      1. Brandon Pomerleau

        @Chuck Ruckus it's about NAZI COPS MURDERING HUMAN BEINGS.

      2. Roland Deschain

        @BKK I'm just calling out criminals. Stop sheltering them.

      3. BKK

        @Roland Deschain why do you keep saying that? You have a man obsession.

      4. BKK

        @Chuck Ruckus media tells us everything is about race. So show some respect. And, it's not about morals Look up some crime statistics and you'll be proven wrong

      5. Mike Ockenu

        @Chuck Ruckus he was asking about race because if the guy was white then this will be the last we will hear of it. If he’s not white then we will hear about it the next 6 months to a year. He will be a hero, etc. Sad but unfortunately these are times we live in.

    13. Hammer Thor

      Carjacked in Blaine?

      1. Todd Lynch

        Many of the recent carjackings are done on food delivery people taking the 1 minute to run from their car to the door of a house/apartment to drop off an order. In the time it takes to do that, these scumbags steal their car. And that's likely the only tool the victims have to make money in this economy. *IF* the victim is lucky enough to be able to afford full coverage insurance, it'll still take a while for the claim to be processed (correctly) and make progress towards being made whole again. Many aren't so lucky. Many of these thugs are getting off easy with almost no jail time. Apparently, the municipalities and counties are saving the jails for much more serious crimes - like murder, assault, etc. - which the remaining suspect in this particular case is likely to face charges for. Their reasoning, I'm told, is due to a certain modern illness that, when mentioned, trips YT's filters. The ones that just steal a car and run are released pretty quickly, particularly juveniles. So the lack of apparent consequences seems to be emboldening these idiots. So here's my compromise idea - enforce a work-release structure for the carjackers. If there are no private jobs available, make these thugs work a municipal or county job doing mundane, crap jobs that would otherwise go un-done or under-done by paid employees. Work them 12-14 hours/day, 6 days/week. Give them ONLY Sundays off so they can go to church (or temple, or whatever), if that's their thing. Otherwise, they work on Sunday, too. Fix stuff that needs fixing. Fail that, go back to jail 24/7, illness be damned. You were stupid enough to commit a crime, you get to deal with ALL the consequences of your actions, including potentially catching the illness.

      2. SarahJOY #Luke23:41-43

        @R J thank you! I still wouldn’t leave my car running, but I had a friend who was getting ready for work and looked outside and his car was not warming up in the driveway anymore 😭

      3. R J

        @SarahJOY #Luke23:41-43 It indeed is illegal in MN. Remote car starters however are legal and relatively inexpensive.

      4. SarahJOY #Luke23:41-43

        Is it illegal to leave your car running unattended in a Minnesota? I’m supper sheltered and am Just wondering how it seems all these car jackings are easily pulled off