WATCH LIVE: Officials provide Isanti County shooting update


7 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Authorities give an update to Sunday's shooting incident involving law enforcement in Isanti County.
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    1. Chad Sheridan

      What's the description of the bad guys.

      1. mssedmebich

        @SoylentGreen +Shooting a dog does not endear you to a lot of people.

      2. SoylentGreen

        @mssedmebich which means this will be the extent of the coverage.

      3. mssedmebich

        If nobody is protesting then they are probably white.

    2. Chuck Ruckus

      I’m at 36 seconds and I know this going bad already

    3. MrBobity

      About time they take a stand against these as@holes, I disliked this video because this carjacking should not happened by these as@holes in the first place!!!