MN National Guard and Gov. Walz track down 9,000 missing COVID vaccine doses


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    Officials say 9,000 COVID-19 vaccines first delayed by inclement weather, then by a misdirected shipment to Texas, have arrived in Minnesota. Meanwhile, severe weather in the southern US has caused massive shipping delays throughout the U.S.

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    1. Brent Ecklund

      Is Walz done killing elderly in long term care facilities? Shameful how Kare11 covers for Walz and hypes Covid hoax

      1. Brent Ecklund

        @Safeaviator you must because you've nothing intelligent to add. Wake up. Grow up. Try God once and see what happens

      2. Safeaviator

        @Brent Ecklund I guess we must revisit the original comment: You are an idiot. Stop talking.

      3. Drought Tolerant

        @Safeaviator are you the board moderator? your entitled to your opinion, if you dont have anything to add to the discussion other than attacking a political party I guess we are done. I could go on all day long with articles from credible professionals that open further discussion that contradicts the mainstream media narrative, but it would be waisted on someone that wants to shoot the messenger. Please double mask, don't leave your house and wait for the government assistance to keep you in your state of compliance.

      4. Brent Ecklund

        @Safeaviator hopefully you're not flying people for hire. Yikes

      5. Safeaviator

        Listen to your own advice. Research is available that shows COVID-19 infections ands being underreported by 40%. When your data points are solely Republican you are a dishonest voice in the discussion.

    2. Tiffany Holmes

      I hope they stayed as cold as they must be and remaineds so, or....whoops, doesn't work right anymore.

      1. Drought Tolerant

        Dr Tenpenny look her up, there are side effects. " We’ve been doing these vaccinations in America for a month. And in 30 days, we have over 40,000 adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event database…we have over 3,100 cases of anaphylactic shock, we have over 5,000 neurological reactions, which can range from headaches, to numbness and parasthesias, to headaches, to dizziness to vertigo, to feeling like you can’t feel your hands and your feet - in 30 days!

    3. nope nope

      Billions of dollars spent to fed ex vaccines!!! A specialized helicopter couldn't be used for transfer and Military vehicles delivered at the point of drop off .. ...................nobody cares that should be the story!!!

      1. nope nope

        No sorry tax payers money brings politicians to speeches on time but not vaccines ......there really is zero hope for humanity

    4. nope nope

      They can't ship them in military or suv police vehicles that could get through snow like come on guys ridiculous using cars to deliver vaccines in snow storm

    5. Max 1

      Covid is a Rothschild's plot