Twins propose letting up to 10,000 fans at Target Field


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    The Minnesota Twins have created a plan that would fill Target Field to 25% capacity, but they need the governor to approve it.

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    1. A Stoic's Door

      Didnt think they had that many fans.

    2. BKK

      Rocco kneeled while Minneapolis burned

    3. Nick T

      Yes let's do it

    4. 722Moo

      Herd immunity lets go

    5. R J

      Used to appreciate "professional" sports. Not any more. It's a racket. Many can't even afford to attend a game. Tax payer fitting the bill for stadiums and the salaries are ridiculously pathetic for playing a playground game. Being politicized and "woke" was the final nail. Peace.

      1. BKK

        Glad to hear you quit supporting these guys

    6. Sean Minneapolis

      No masks