WATCH LIVE: Wolves introduce new head coach


2,6 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    The Minnesota Timberwolves are holding a media availability to introduce Chris Finch as the team’s new head coach. Finch comes to the Wolves after serving as an assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors.
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    1. CONN3C7x

      Not Again, Lost another great assistant coach this year. The Raptors are not getting a break at all. We train and develop and hire such good coaching staff that every team trying to take our coaches away. Congrats on the opportunity. now take this failing organization and turn them into something worth talking about. Salute Finch. Good Luck...

    2. Aaron Noonan

      Lot's of players and media pupets talking about how unfair it was to Vanterpool. I think Vanterpool will be a good coach someday, but i don't blame Rosas for going with Finch. He knows him well, he was the guy he wanted to hire to begin with, and he knows he has a short leash and may lose his job soon. He decided to go with his guy instead of who other people expected him to go with because hey if he's gonna lose his job he wants to at least give the guy he truly wanted to be the coach a chance! Maybe it works out for him maybe not, but at least he's doing it his way.

      1. Arsenio Dobermann

        If the wolves are 7-24 with Vanterpool as the associate head coach. He probably wouldn't do much better as a head coach.

    3. Colton Neslund

      Well wtf theres no damn sound to this video

      1. Adrian Koski

        I like this guy laid back careful with his words yet smooth . I get the feeling he's got experience , just hope he's got some fire too lol .

      2. Colton Neslund

        @Heath Eischens Oh its does ok

      3. Colton Neslund

        @Hamsa Nuur Yea lol this page needs to fix the damn audio fr

      4. Heath Eischens

        It gets fixed after about 5 minutes

      5. Hamsa Nuur


    4. Colton Neslund

      Welcome to Minnesota coach Flint. PLEASE FIX THE WOLVES. End these miserable constant losses

    5. Jackson Abbas

      I feel like Chris is voicing the ideas that us a fans want from this roster. We need to put our players in the best possibility to succeed - use our speed and athleticism - play fast. Let's get them youngins' going and put KAT back at the forefront. I think it's fair to say Timberwolves fans are cautiously excited. As for the protected pick... who cares, lets win and build an identity.

    6. Brandon Lee

      xD yep go steal a coach from our raps HAhAHA

    7. Marky McNasty

      I've never seen a coach hired mid season as well as keeping the entire staff from the previous coach?! The levels of Toxicity in this move are 📈

      1. MSJ

        Saunders didn't pick assistant coaches. Rosas did. The coaching team used to be all Rosas guys except Saunders who was chosen by owner Glen Taylor.

      2. Ben Vernon

        This was the right move

    8. Juju on meat

      finally a experienced coach

    9. Jessy Perez

      Leeeetttss goooo wolves!!!! I love this hire this man knows basketball

    10. Dillion Myles

      trust the prosas

      1. Jay den

        in gerson we trust

    11. Sean Minneapolis

      🤣 😂 😭

    12. steve nelson

      Who cares, overpaid crybabies.