BCA investigating after officers shoot, kill carjacking suspect in Isanti County


2,6 миӊ. көрүүлөр-0

    The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension says it is investigating after law enforcement shot and killed a suspect in Isanti County on Sunday afternoon.

    According to officials, the situation began just after before 1 p.m. outside a Kohl's department store on the 10300 block of Baltimore Street Northeast in Blaine on reports of a theft.


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    1. D'shawn Cherry

      Wow they really clicked baited me into watching the dog story I was trying to avoid.

    2. Matt Anderson

      Bravo, way to take a bite outta crime😉

    3. TheBaconBrotato

      Hmm...imagine that. A rioter is arrested and released, then commits more crimes. Who knew? Also, I'm so happy that Officer Bravo is doing well.

    4. Brown Green

      Best wishes and a speedy recovery to brave Officer Canine Bravo! One of the good guys, not the other kind!

    5. Sara Engberg

      Wow this story really seems to prioritize the dog's life over the human that was MURDERED

      1. Sara Engberg

        @Reach41 Actually. You are making a lot of assumptions. All but one of those things has happened to me. Ever been raped and call the police and have them tell you "You don't want to press charges?" Ever been held against your will at knifepoint and when you call the police they tell you "You don't really want to leave!" So between my personal experiences and those of friends and family who have died at the hands of police, YES- The police are also predators

      2. Reach41

        Sara, have you ever had something stolen, or had someone throw a punch at you, get a credit card charge due to someone getting the number? Or maybe robbed at gunpoint, had a car stolen, or even been raped? You are showing your concern for the one that did it to you, but claim you are afraid of the people you called to find and arrest them. Dear, forming opinions based upon what you see on KGup makes you a prey species.

      3. dcxxxx

        @Sara Engberg

      4. Karen A

        So if you ever get carjacked by gunpoint, don’t call law enforcement ok?

      5. Karen A

        You mean the human who shot at officers? Lol

    6. leakyjeep5.9

      All car jackers should burn

      1. R J

        @leakyjeep5.9 I noticed that too.

      2. leakyjeep5.9

        @R J Somehow he is getting 2 likes on every comment real quick. Strange.

      3. R J

        @leakyjeep5.9 It's mind blowing. That's why I've never had any social media. Because of people like this. Lol, I never even had a my space, couldn't imagine what twitter must be like. Him x 1000 likely

      4. leakyjeep5.9

        @R J Holy crap that guy is off his rocker.

      5. R J

        @leakyjeep5.9 Not surprised. Lately I'm not able to comment for 3, 6, 12 it even 24 hours. I'll simply give a thumbs up emoji to test, and it will be deleted within 30 seconds