Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Allina Health highlight misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine online


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    "I keep urging Minnesotan's to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar during a press conference Sunday at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

    Sen. Klobuchar was joined by officials at Allina Health to highlight the need to combat misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

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    1. cody flowers

      This lady pushed misinformation for 4 years and now it her trying to change there end game

    2. The Guy

      Ask Gov. Walz and the DFL why COVID-19 patients were sent to nursing homes, infecting staff and transmitting to vulnerable people causing death!! Oh and why are young teachers getting the vaccine ahead of needy people???? Vote OUT the DFL in 2022!!

    3. The Guy

      Ya including Biden blaming Trump!

    4. BKK

      The vaccines are not FDA approved

    5. Lora Lee

      I dot have confidence in anything klobuchar has to say

    6. Tim Olsen

      So, now the Senators WANT Big Tech to censor. I don't question the science, just the sources and the people reporting on the science... Show me peer-reviewed papers from reputable studies that are funded properly. Besides, there is no way a vaccine can be deemed safe with less than a year of human trials. GMAFB!

    7. John

      She wants Twitter and Facebook and Google to censor speech. Democrat police state.

    8. Tiffany Holmes

      Enjoy the razorwire in Washington! Go glad you're now a medical expert.

    9. Janae Nae13

      🌠Amy Klobuchar According to astrology: May 25th The day of the Bold one. Whatever their degree of sophistication, May 25 people are fighters. They may be devoted to protecting a cause, and idea, their country or family. Yet in no way are they archaic or conservative in their beliefs, remaining up-to-date in their attitude toward the world. Those born on this day value money, clothes, all the outward trappings of life, yet understand that they are merely the facade of a deeper spiritual life within. Above all they recognize that freedom from tyranny, both for the individual and the group, is of the highest importance. Since those born on this day are attuned to the rhythms of the world around them, they are able to survive social change, sometimes going with the flow, sometimes removing themselves. Their friends and family will find that they are charming and agreeable only to a point, however. They will never compromise their opinions, even if it makes them unpopular. May 25 people are philosophically oriented. They have clear ideas on a wide variety of subjects, and these ideas are usually part of a larger, more universal code. This may be a code of conduct their belief, or both. Not only do those born on May 25 hold themselves to this standard, but may expect everyone else to follow it as well. Those born on this day can be extremely unforgiving to those who cross the lines of decency. Honor and personal responsibility are immensely important to them, and their expectations are correspondingly high. They must learn, however, to be more forgiving and tolerant in their treatment of Others. May 25th people are not just mentally oriented, but markedly physical as well. Unfortunately, their emotional side may be a bit repressed or, if damaged and childhood, severely blocked. They value affection but find it both difficult to express and accept. Since their self trust is not the highest, they may also be loath to trust others. Whatever they do, be it art, sports, sex, or work, is beautifully crafted or executed, but unfortunately can also lack feeling. Indeed, some born on this day take pride in themselves as cool personalities who are not given two displays of emotion. What those born on May 25 must constantly fight is there fear of rejection. Learning to be less fearful in general is important for them, no matter how forceful they may seem on the outside. Building a foundation of self-confidence, perhaps slowly over the years, will guarantee them success in the world and keep them from sabotaging their own plans. Those born on this day must find a way to live by their code of ethics without paralyzing themselves in introspection or self-criticism; their ideals should find expression in pragmatic ways. Otherwise, May 25 people run the danger of becoming unrealistic about what they believe, and a bit out of touch with their true needs. Other famous people born on this day: Miles Davis Ralph Waldo Emerson Richard Dimbebly John K. Fairbanks Lindsey Nelson Read from the book, "The Secret Language Of Birthdays", by Gary Goldschnieder and Joost Elffers.

    10. Sean Minneapolis

      Censure and impeach klobucharred

    11. emma lane

      Don't trust what the government says... theyre not to be trusted! They are the ones giving misinformation

    12. tim pitera

      Wonder if this “regulating information” seems a little ....Orwellian?

    13. Ddd Kkk

      If they care send money with no strings or an easy job like theirs laying around with top pay, top medical and can't get fired for any reason like congress and fast and furious obama who was born in a test tube.

    14. Ddd Kkk

      Rather catch this cold virus and get over it with natural immunity then these poisonous chemicals. Us minorities never had to worry about government caring before. When they cared it meant they want to take your kids or have you jump though millions of hoops for them to use mounds of paper work to justify their parasitical jobs by digging through your business and home when ever they want or threats non-stop.

    15. Ddd Kkk

      They push fraudulent science with the mask and distance agenda, they are paid to lie to us for money, they are parasites.

    16. Ddd Kkk

      1500 doctors exposed to me that Covid has never been isolated, so what are they testing for to get a positive? CDC is being sued at this moment because all positive tests retested came back for the influenza 1 & 2. This covid is fake. Exposure to find truth is a good thing, this liar is paid to keep giving misinformation by bribes . The truth will always float to the surface if one keeps digging. She want us to except an untested product by being test dummies by their word alone which we would have to be lazy and stupid to trust these paid liars.

    17. Mike Bennett

      So who gets to decide what’s “misinformation”? So now we’re suppressing speech again.

    18. Dr Cowbeef

      She is so worthless. Can’t stand this woman, always lying. Why are senators able to say what they want but actual doctors get censored when speaking on the Kung flu virus? It’s a big show folks. Wake up and use your brains. If you are a college graduate, you’ll have to undo the brainwashing that occurred while you were there to start using your God given senses again.

    19. Spirit Child

      I believe in science, and science says something must be fully tested to know it’s effects.

    20. Gavin Y-W

      Still no proof evidence that the vaccine is ok against the virus! Where is the proof, evidence??

      1. Drought Tolerant

        Remember the food Pyramid? and how it's all wrong now?

      2. emma lane

        Exactly... don't trust our government....they have proven themselves to be liars!

      3. Spirit Child

        Exactly. They are not even done with the clinical trials, and we have no idea what the long term effects are.