WATCH LIVE: Gov. Walz details 2021 Local Jobs and Projects Plan


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    Gov. Tim Walz is visiting the University of Minnesota as a backdrop to share his his capital investment recommendations for the current legislative session.
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    1. brandon graden

      This guy is a complete embarrassment.

    2. The Guy

      Walz celebrating Limo Liberal Mark Dayton's pork barrel projects! No money for Walz!

    3. The Guy

      Ask Gov. Walz and the DFL why COVID-19 patients were sent to nursing homes, infecting staff and transmitting to vulnerable people causing death!! Oh and why are young teachers getting the vaccine ahead of needy people???? Vote OUT the DFL in 2022!!

    4. Sean Minneapolis

      🤣 Karen 11 had to turn off like dislike button 😂... guess they know fraudulent elections and BS emergency powers have the public pretty mad

    5. Kim Anh Tran

      We wants that all on not to move like criminal crimes Jose Biden wants take of let all illegal immigration come to America!! We have enough problems in USA we broke we poor we can't afford more tax from Democrats!!